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Audio Theater Sources

Where to find modern audio theater on the Internet. General resources, producers, podcast feeds, downloads. Modern audio theater and Old Time Radio. Sound Affects has aired works from many of these sources.

This is not intended to be a list of everything (other sites are doing that), but a sampling to get you started with some of our favorites.

General Sites

  • The Audio Drama Directory

    Audio-Drama.com is an online directory with the goal of offering the most comprehensive listing of websites for audio drama enthusiasts. This directory includes links to full cast audio drama, storytelling podcasts, nonfiction stories, and other genres and formats of audio storytelling. Browse the various categories or search for titles that may interest you.
  • The Sonic Society

    The Sonic Society is a Broadcast/Podcast out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. We showcase the very best of Modern Audio Drama from around the world. We also showcase new releases of Audio works here on the site, give links for latest episodes, and look at new audio series. Please join Jack Ward and David Ault in the Society. http://sonicsociety.org/
  • Radio Drama Revival

    Radio Drama Revival is a weekly radio show and podcast featuring the best of contemporary audio drama (work produced after the golden age of radio), originating in Portland, Maine. Broadcast and podcast since 2007, we have over 200 hours of original, contemporary radio theater. Dig into the latest show or surf the archives.

Audio Theater Organizations

There are shows to download and listen to on each of these websites. It isn't meant to be all that's out there, but we have liked programs on all of them.

Program Series

These are novel length ongoing series, or anthologies of collected stories.

Old Time Radio

  • Radio Echoes
  • www.cbsrmt.com - It has all 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater, all online searchable by plots, actors, and writers.