Mark Time Radio Show 2011

Thwack That Dirigible


Do You Want Fries With That?

Great Northern is proud to release the latest Mark Time Radio Show, live from Convergence 2011. It’s available as a download from the
ZBS Catalog.

A stolen dream-driven dirigible, an evil steam-powered spider and a styrofoam grail, all have the fair dream mistress Princess Doyle a la Carte and the decidedly bubbly Count Pierre d'Orc on the run beyond the overtaxed capacity of their Heisenberg Hyper Extended Reversal Dream Drive.

Steampunk and other steam-like stuff take a bath in this latest Brian Price and Jerry Stearns satire. Featuring special appearances by The Tonight Show's Wally Wingert, Transylvania Television's Gordon Smuder and the Hungarian Dwarf Parade.