The Wrong Side of the River

An Audiobook by Brian Price

Read by Robin Miles

The Wrong Side of the River by Brian Price
The mighty river has broken. Everyone wants to get to the other side. Ain’t that always the way?
"This is a dream," says the narrator, "so I just jump to the good parts." 'The Other Side of the River' is a poetic allegory that we will all recognize as the current state of affairs in our world. Told through a collection of original voices, with whom mysteries fold and unfold like colorful fans, as the the story compels us to wonder, and wonder again: has the North Pole really moved? What happens when the river breaks? What is on the other side of the river? And where will we be when we get there? The author of the Old Cart Wrangler never disappoints with his comic meditations on his own private America.

Robin Miles throws herself into the narration of this lyrical novella with enthusiastic flair. In the not too distant past or future, everyone waits in the Town With No Name to cross the river. Folks can't get over it, and they can't get around it, so they learn to live with it. Miles crafts an astonishing array of voices to portray the inhabitants of the mysterious town--from a gruff wilderness man to an innocent girl--as they describe how the river affects them. Each character remains distinct but blends into a cohesive ensemble. Listeners will be swept into a story that starts as chaos and in the end fits together into a strange but enthralling whole. N.M. © AudioFile 2021, Portland, Maine – Audiofile Magazine – October 2021

The Wrong Side of the River is stunning, it’s really wonderful what you’ve done.  I had no idea where it was going.  And Robin was so good, my god, she breathed it, she lived it.  A fine piece of writing too.  Hats off to you. –– Tom Lopez, ZBS Foundation
Wrong Side of the River Sample

Published by Blackstone Publishing.
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