In The Embers Available Online

Available now from ZBS

Great Northern’s newest feature-length audio production,
In The Embers, is available now from the ZBS Catalog. Downloads include the 80-minute production in 320 kbps resolution, and a PDF CD cover image suitable for printing.

In The Embers coming from Blackstone Audio

A new review in
AudioFile Magazine announces that In The Embers will be released by Blackstone Audio on their Downpour website on December 8th. We are very pleased to be published by Blackstone, one of the leading audio publishers with an ear for audio theater.
In The Embers

This new release includes three original songs integral to the story and a 70-minute In The Embers - The Making Of documentary created especially for Blackstone in cooperation with Waterlogg Productions. The documentary consists of commentary from the writers and producers, and interviews with the actors, musical composer, and producer Tom Lopez of ZBS.

Great Northern Audio Collection Boxed Set

Blackstone also carries the entire Great Northern Audio Collection in a Boxed Set of 18 stories, including many from the celebrated Mark Time Radio Shows. You can get them individually or all together as downloads or on CD or MP3 CD. You can even rent them if you just want to see what this silliness is all about.

These are whimsical and original tales of science fiction and fantasy, featuring the voices of Firesign Theatre members David Ossman and Phil Proctor, and well known Hollywood actors Chuck McCann and Wally Wingert along with the superbly comic regular cast. The tales include Tell Them NAPA Sent You, about wizards, dwarfs and auto parts; Dialogue With Martian Trombone, the real story behind the Ramone Raquello Orchestra featured on Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast; The Jewels of the 11th Generation, a tale of a 300-year-old starship, kids, space pirates, and squeaky toys; and much more audio fun.

Mark Time Radio Show Sales Event at ZBS

Mark Time Sales Event at ZBS
Yes, the Mark Time Radio Shows are all ON SALE at ZBS. So if you didn’t get them before, NOW is your chance! Highest quality audio download available anywhere - all at 320 kbps.

Our digital warehouse space is limited and all Mark Time Bundles downloads have been slashed and must go:

Did we say?
MARK TIME FIRESIGN THEATRE GUEST BUNDLE - was $39.42, that´s crazy, now $34.95.

MARK TIME GUEST STAR BUNDLE - was $19.42 now a ridiculously low $14.95.

and The
COMPLETE MARK TIME RADIO SHOW COMPLETE BUNDLE - (was $59.42) -- 15 years of science fiction satire and lunacy performed on a live stage in front of a live audience for just $52.95. That includes 14 shows plus a number of audio shorts.

Here´s what some of Mark Time´s favorite professional guest performers have had to say:

"The collection of CDs you guys have done over the years at the Con embody some of my favorite live performances (and the few opportunities to play in other writers´ work!)"
-- David Ossman (Firesign Theatre)

"The most fun I´ve had in 20 years."
-- Michael Sheard (Dr. Who, The Empire Strikes Back)

"I´m not putting that bucket on my head."
-- Wally Wingert (The Tonight Show)

"That´s it. I don´t want to play the dwarf anymore."
-- Cyber Bob (Cyber Bob and Silicon Kid)

"You can´t have two Scotsmen in the same play. It´s just not done."
-- Phil Proctor (Firesign Theatre, Rugrats)

"It´s ok, Philip. I´m sure they´ll do better the next time."
-- Melinda Peterson (Cagney and Lacey, MacGiver, JAG)

"Look, really, the dinosaurs aren´t mine."
-- George Leroy Tirebiter (High School Madness)

Yeah, we do make them available for sale, but all of these have been on many peoples’ podcasts for years, so it’s not like they aren’t out there to find. This is just the high-quality audio files with a CD cover PDF file included.

While we’re on the subject of ZBS, we’re broadcasting their latest Jack Flanders story,
Dreams of Tiffany Blue, on Sound Affects: A Radio Playground on KFAI community radio. It’s January 5 and 12, 2014. If you missed one, they’re kept in the archive on the KFAI website for two weeks.

AND, a wonderful ZBS series called
Saratoga Springs is being made available for listening by the online news-site, Saratoga Wire, along with a nice writeup about Tom Lopez, the talent behind everything ZBS.

And finally, all the
Mark Time Radio Show CDs are available at Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore, in Minneapolis, including the latest ones - Jokes in Space with VIllains on Parade, and Thwack That Dirigible with SpaceGirl, which aren’t available on CD anywhere else. CDs specially made for Uncle’s.