The Recollections of Turner Ashbey

Turner Ashbey, Chapter 15

T_Ashbey_Chapter 12

Writer, historian and former ambassador to the Great State of Colorado, Turner Ashbey looks back at his life including his on and off again relationship with resistance leader, Laze Fitzgerald.  

Chapter 15

History has changed.  Maps have changed. The tides have changed.  Turner and his friends enter the Realm of Kentucky and Turner ends up working for the Duke of Lexington's daughter.  

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 15 (18.5 minutes, 13.4 MB)

Mark Time Radio Show Sales Event at ZBS

Mark Time Sales Event at ZBS
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Yeah, we do make them available for sale, but all of these have been on many peoples’ podcasts for years, so it’s not like they aren’t out there to find. This is just the high-quality audio files with a CD cover PDF file included.

While we’re on the subject of ZBS, we’re broadcasting their latest Jack Flanders story,
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AND, a wonderful ZBS series called
Saratoga Springs is being made available for listening by the online news-site, Saratoga Wire, along with a nice writeup about Tom Lopez, the talent behind everything ZBS.

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