The Recollections of Turner Ashbey

Turner Ashbey, Chapters 12-13

T_Ashbey_Chapter 12

Writer, historian and former ambassador to the Great State of Colorado, Turner Ashbey looks back at his life including his on and off again relationship with resistance leader, Laze Fitzgerald.  

Chapter 12

The great Get Gone is in progress and Turner and his new friends, Ed and Claire, are headed to Colorado, but it looks like Kentucky might be in the way.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 12 (14.2 minutes, 10 MB)

Chapter 13

The venerable historian, Turner Ashbey, never did like the number thirteen.  Here's what he did about it.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 13 (2 minutes, 1.7 MB)