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The Spontoon Islands are in a cartoon world between 1920-40, inhabited by furry animal cartoons and seaplanes. Artists from all over the world contribute art, strips and stories to the shared universe. E. O. Costello contributes radio scripts evocative of the time and place, filled with original characters and sounding like a cross between Old Time Radio and the Sunday Comics.

The Great Northern Audio Theatre is proud to present two of the many scripts available at:

Rosie’s Place is LuChow’s, the spot where every fur goes for lunch on Meeting Island. “
It’s Shot From Guns” is about Rosie, when she hires dimbulb brothers B’onss and K’nutt to do laundry for the restaurant. B’onss powers the washer with an airplane engine, showing the consequences of stupidity as a way of life. The usual characters show up at Rosie’s lunch counter, too.

The Headline Chaser is Michael Mooney, a new reporter for the Spontoon Mirror. In “
If You Can’t Stand the Heat”, when his minkess friend tells him about local restaurants losing food right off the loading docks, he knows there’s a story there. He’s a reporter, he can’t help himself. He has to investigate. Featuring Simon Jones (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) as publisher Charles Foster Crane.