Cart Wrangler Rides Again

Loose Monologues in a Book

Brian Price has been writing these stories and monologues for a long time, and he’s finally gotten them published in the form they need to be in – where you can read them yourself.
The Old Cart Wrangler Book

WE’VE ALL SEEN THAT LONE SHOPPING CART sitting on the edge of a parking lot. Who goes and gets it and brings it home? Why are the mouths of catsup bottles so narrow? What will the new silence sound like? Droll, slightly dystopian, and delightfully wobbly, this collection of comic prose poems and short fiction by audio drama producer and playwright, Brian Price, is a fine introduction to his unique world of magic realism, stage monologue, and childhood memories. Perfect for public performance, private soliloquies, or just reading with your mouth full during lunch.

All the spoken word pieces from Great Northern’s
Loose Wheels and Narrow Necks collection, the entire Cart Wrangler’s Saga, plus short tales and remembrances. (Table of Contents)

directly from the publisher, Lulu. 172 pages, $16.99 in paperback.

Don’t You Get It

Dont You Get It?

Jerry made up this little audio piece for a KFAI Pledge Drive Sound Affects Show back in October. Just the sort of thing that speaks to the cultural times, and had to be created entirely one voice at a time because of those times. It’s a call to action. It’s the many voices that need to be heard. It’s a poem with a question. Don’t You Get It?